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Prof Elizabeth Bukusi


MBChB, M.Med (ObGyn), MPH, PhD , PGD(Research Ethics). MBE(Bioethics) , CIP (Certified IRB Professional).


Prof Elizabeth Bukusi is a Chief Research Officer and the Deputy Director Research and Training in Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI). She is the Co-director of the RCTP-FACES program. Her main interests in research focus on sexually transmitted infections, reproductive health, and HIV prevention, care and treatment. Prof Bukusi is a champion in matters of bioethics in Kenya; she currently oversees research regulation at the KEMRI
where she is the acting unit head of the newly formed KEMRI Scientific and Ethics Review Unit (SERU). Prof Bukusi is keen on the development of systems and structures for regulation of research in KEMRI and the whole country. In 2011, she was awarded grants by three institutions to streamline research regulation process and strengthen the KEMRI Ethical Review Committee (ERC). Working under a task force with fellow KEMRI staff, she headed the reorganization of KEMRI’s research regulation system, transforming it to one of the most effective in the country. Prof Bukusi also advocates for capacity building in bioethics; she has created training linkages with Center for Biomedical Ethics and Culture (CBEC) in Pakistan, enabling Kenyans to be trained on short courses in bioethics and full bioethics degree programs in Pakistan. Additionally, she has been instrumental in facilitating online ethics training and certification courses such as CITI training and Certified IRB Professional (CIP) for researchers and ethics committee members in the country. Prof Bukusi is the chairperson of Bioethics Society of Kenya, together with other professionals; she endeavors introduce, develop and promote Bioethics in the education, healthcare and medical research sectors in Kenya